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Passive house school with Thermofloc insulation

Passive house school with Thermofloc insulation

Högåsskolan, Sweden's largest passive house school, was insulated with THERMOFLOC.

Sweden's largest passive house school was built in Knivsta, an expanding municipality near Stockholm. Completed in autumn 2015, the school accommodates more than 500 pupils on an overall area of around 6,000 square meters.
In order to insulate the façade with Thermofloc, the wooden frames were fixed to the wall for the underlying construction.
After cladding the underlying construction with the façade sheet and counter battens, the formed compartments were filled with around 90 tons of Thermofloc cellulose insulation.
Upon completion of the underlying construction, back-ventilated and cement-bound façade panels were mounted on the counter battens.

These insulation works have been carried out by the specialized company:

Uno Wallgren AB
Almungevägen 35-37
S-74545 Uppsala