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Peter Seppele Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Peter Seppele Gesellschaft m.b.H. is a medium-sized, family-run company with headquarters in Feistritz/Drau. Founded as a forwarding company in 1929, the business has gradually developed and successfully adapted to the constantly changing social requirements. Meanwhile, the main fields of operation are in the areas of waste management, solid and liquid fuels and insulation materials.

For three generations now, the Peter Seppele Gesellschaft m.b.H. has been driven by its guiding principle of “Put it to use, don’t waste it“ - a striking demonstration of how it is possible to combine environmental consciousness with corporate success.


  • 1995 Start-up of THERMOFLOC production plant
  • 1996 Opening of plant and launch of sales programs in Austria and Germany
  • 1997 Start of sales activities in Switzerland
  • 1998 Construction of first pelletizing plant, start of insulation pellets production and further expansion of sales programs across Europe
  • 2012 Production of 100% borate free THERMOFLOC cellulose insulation material
  • 2013 Awarding of natureplus quality label. THERMOFLOC is the first blow-in cellulose insulation product Europe-wide to bear this quality label


Since the opening of the plant, continuous efforts have been put into improving our cellulose insulation as well as expanding the THERMOFLOC sales structure. Meanwhile, our products are exported into more than 18 European countries. Our aim is to continue upholding the prime quality of our cellulose insulation and further expand our sales programs.