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THERMOFLOC blow-in insulation

Efficient, cost-effective, diverse.

Continuous new requirements and stringent conditions for building constructions call for improved energy indicators of ceilings and wall superstructures. THERMOFLOC blown-in insulation provides a very fast, reasonably priced and efficient option. The cellulose based injectable insulation material offers numerous essential product features that allow for an effective and energy cost reducing insulation that also considers the environmental perspective. Specially trained installers using THERMOBLOW blowing machines specifically equipped for the job process the material.

Perfect for whatever the season

To be more precise: following THERMOFLOC specifications, the insulation is pumped under air pressure and filled into voids within the building fabric to create a compacted, uniform and seamless insulation layer that contributes to the overall airtightness of the building. Cracks, cavities and corners are completely filled. The result: a comfortable indoor environment all year round. In this way, the loose-fill insulation made of newspaper furthermore successfully reduces energy costs for heating in winter and air condition in summer.